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New holding announced

Fivedays / Jun 11, 2013
2nd update

discounts were increased from 3%, 3%, 3% to 4%, 5%, 6% for their respective tiers. This may change again.

Update at bottom

As predicted by many, its a dilithium mine.

Working on the mine will make developing fleet holding a lower cost. Dstahl did say there are other holding planned for the future.

Developing the Diltihium mine will be much like our embassy. We will focus on overall lowest cost and fastest build time.

The mine has a space map, interior map and exterior map. All unlocked at different tiers.

Like the Embassy there are 3 tracks.

Main track focuses on dilthium discounts and gathering.

Trade track focuses on vendor discounts and Armor and RCS consoles

Development track focuses on duty officers and fleet mark reductions.

I've opened a poll for voting on the right for the track we should prioritize. It will be a slight priority just considering upgrade build times.

For our Fleet's size, we are well balanced with the current holdings. With the incoming discounts we should be able to manage things without a problem.

There are some small changes to the current holdings projects, however significant details are as of yet unreleased.

Update here

Main Track

Trade Track

Development Track



If only it reduced the dilithium cost too. Fleet marks are the easy part for my Fed fleet. Dilithium, well, THJAT is needing a discount.
the main track reduces dilthium costs. however the dilithium costs (~8.5 million) to get the 9% discount is much more than you would ever save
I guess it depends on how many future fleet projects there will be. I think we'll have many many more after the dilithium mine.
yep they said many holdings will be in the future. also all vendor diltihium costs will be reduced for fleet members (the d-store and fleet vendors for example)
Wow! The fleet is able to provide it's own dilithium mine?
We haven't been able to get a look inside yet, but the small benefits should greatly help individual members
15% total damage? Noit bad, but I still don't think it saves money rather then just focusing on SB and embassy and ignoring the Mine. Wasn't this supposeed to help small fleets?
It falls at least 2% short to break-even costs if starting from tier-0 on everything

for us, it will cost ~5 million dilithium and save us ~2 million dilithium until a new fleet holding is added

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